Climatelink is a friendly, science-based community learning about climate change.
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Community Guidelines

We are developing guidelines for a healthy community.

The approach is: climatelink aims to be a healthy, helpful space. More moderated than, say, Twitter. This is a work in progress, but we tried to outline the basics below.

1. Discuss anything.

Even though climatelink is focused on climate, feel free to discuss any topic. From your cats to your startup.

2. No hate speech.

Hate speech leads to immediate banning of your account.

3. And/and = be supportive.

Climate change is an enormous challenge, and we will have to do many, many things. Let's try to support all kinds of initiatives, even if you think your approach is more important than the one being discussed. We need millions of people working on climate change, so let's be supportive.

4. No climate denial.

There's no time to deal with climate denialists, they are simply not welcome here.

5. No bots.

There are no bots on climatelink. Everyone here is a real person. Automated bot signups will be removed.