Create your climate profile and join the conversation.


The climate emergency is the fight of our lifetimes. But where do you start?


ClimateLink lets you create your climate profile, explore the climate space and figure out what you can do. Because everyone has talents and skills that they can use to fight for our planet. We'll show you how.


Cool. So who is this for?


Creators. Startups. Activists. Artists. We will need everyone to work together to save the planet, so everyone is welcome.


OK but I can just follow people on Twitter or join a Facebook group though?


Existing social networks are great, but not focused on climate change and too distracting. ClimateLink is a friendly, welcoming space with lots of climate-specific features like lists of the best climate podcasts, startups, academic papers and much more.


I'm sold. Where do I sign up?


Reserve your username right here right now. We are sending out small batches of invites as we get going.